Terms Glossary

Keywords on short code 444999 should be utilized for applications running natural 2-way recurring messaging between the store and subscriber.
Term Description
Account (accountId or Parent) Your main account with cloudwi.re which can be used to create and manage stores or sub-accounts under.
Assignable (Communication Short Codes) Cloudwi.re reserves a handful of short codes to ensure and guarantee two way messaging between a store and an opted-in subscriber. These short codes are NEVER used for opt-in or responder keywords.
Campaign A mass or bulk text message blast to multiple opted-in subscribers of a store.
Carriers Mobile telecommunications companies like Sprint, AT&T, Rogers, Bell or Verizon.
Double Opt-In (2 Step Opt-In) Sometimes referred to as two step opt-in, this opt-in method requires the consent of the mobile subscriber who will receive and opt-in request. Before any additional messages can be sent, the mobile subscriber must reply YES to the opt-in request. It is generally required for non-handset initiated opt-ins, such as from a web form or phone call. The SMS API will automatically deliver the opt-in request template to the subscriber. If the subscriber then replies Y or YES, the SMS API will deliver the confirmation template.
externalId cloudwi.re allows developers to assign their own internal IDs to a message or campaign if so chosen. That ID will appear in the status of the message when it's posted back to you. It is not required, but may be helpful to the developer to keep track of message delivery status.
Locked If single opt-in is attempted three times to a subscriber with no response the opt-in status of the subscriber is changed to locked. A locked subscriber cannot receive messages from the store except in the event of a handset initiated keyword. If this creates any issues, please contact Support.
Long Code A 10 digit telephone number (somtimes longer with international numbers) that can be used solely for sending and receiving SMS. cloudwi.re utilizes long codes when a subscriber is on an unsuported short code carrier or when certain errors arise. They are also used for international messaging.
Marine Corps Mother Green's Machine founded in 1775......in a bar people! cloudwi.re was founded by and employs several former US Marines. If you are wondering why we use terms like 'go fasters', 'moonbeam', 'silver bullet' and 'AT-4' you are now in the know.
Not-Sticky Marketing Short Code (Opt-in or Responder Short Code) (444999) A short code Sub-class the cloudwi.re SMS API uses to accept handset initiated opt-in and responder keywords. Keywords recognized by our system will generate the response created by the developer. It is NEVER used for 2 way communication between the opted-in subscriber and the store.
Sticky Marketing Short Code (Opt-in or Responder Short Code) (22442) Another short code Sub-class the cloudwi.re SMS API uses to accept handset initiated opt-in and responder keywords. Keywords recognized by our system will generate the response created by the developer. By default, opted-in subscribers will be binded to this code unless a pre-existing bind exists. If that is the case, the subscriber will be assigned to communicate with the store on one of the communication short codes. It is not recommended for applications doing recurring 2-way messaging between the store and subscriber. It is better suited for campaigns that are sending outbound subscriber messaging.
mobileId The unique mobile number of a subscriber and the primary identifier in the cloudwi.re architecture.
Mobile Originated (Inbound Message) An SMS or MMS sent form a mobile subscriber to the store.
Mobile Terminated (Outbound Message) An SMS or MMS sent from a store to a mobile subscriber.
Multi-Media Message (MMS) (Picture Message) An image sent to a mobile subscriber to a store or vice versa. This image can be a picture, audio or video, although for now, cloudwi.re only supports pictures in .jpg, .gif or .png formats.
New cloudwi.re assigns a subscriber who has sent a responder type keyword to a store, but has never opted-in or out of that store a status of 'new'.
Opt-in Keyword When initiated by the mobile subscriber the opt-in keyword opts them into a store for further SMS communication. It uses the single opt-in process. The cloudwi.re SMS API assigns a dedicated short code to that customer’s mobile number to which they will always communicate with that store through the life of their opt-in.
Opted-out A mobile subscriber who is opted-out from your store and cannot receive any messages other than the opt-in request. The SMS API will automatically deliver the opt-in confirmation template.
Pending A mobile subscriber who has received the opt-in request message but has not responded YES. Until the subscriber responds YES no text messages can be delivered to them.
Responder Keyword When initiated by the mobile subscriber the responder keyword will respond with only one text message. The mobile subscriber will not be opted-in and no further message can be sent except for the opt-in request or confirmation. It is usually used for promotions or general information. You can use internal responder keywords within your application after the mobile subscriber is opted-in. More on that HERE.
Segment Segments are utlized to keep track of SMS and MMS billing. For SMS, in most cases, segments are counted in 160 character increments. If you send a message that is 180 characters, it will appear as 2 SMS segments and bill as 2 SMS. For MMS, each URL is counted as a segment. So if you send 3 MMS URLs in your message it will appear as 3 MMS URL Segments and bill as 3 MMS.
Short Code (Short Numbers) A 5 or 6 digit number that allows a text message to communicate with a software application. Short codes allow for higher bandwidth delivery of messages. They are pre-approved by the carriers making them a better choice for higher volume messaging than long codes.
Single Opt-In (1 Step Opt-In) Used primarily when the mobile subscriber initiates and opt-in keyword to 444999 from their mobile device. This opt-in method does not require any additional actions by the mobile subscriber. The mobile subscriber receives a confirmation that they have opted-in to the store and the store can now communicate freely with that subscriber. The cloudwi.re SMS API automates this process and delivers the opt-in confirmation template. The SMS API can also deliver a single opt-in confirmation without the subscriber initiating it through a keyword.
Short Message Service (SMS) A text message. "Just text me dude!" That notification your parents get on their phones because you don't call anymore.
Store (Sub-Account or storeId) Sometimes referred to as sub-accounts or child accounts, the store is basically a bucket to house opted-in customers in. It allows the cloudwi.re SMS API to properly route text messages to and from the store and is used by the developer to tell the SMS API which store you wish to administrate when calling.
Subscriber A person with a unique Mobile ID. All things equal though, a subscriber and Mobile ID are essentially the same thing. #Semantics