Short Code and/or List Migration

The SMS API can easily accept your opt-in list migration. However, it is not enabled out of the box for compliance reasons. It will be necessary for you to take a few steps before doing so.

List Migration Authorization

First and foremost, it's important that you sign off on your list. Please fill out this form and either fax it to 800-888-8533 or email it to us at Support.

This is not negotiable and it is important to remain compliant. After receiving your documentation, we will review it and contact you quickly to discuss the migration if we have any questions. If we do not, we will authorize your account to upload opted-in subscriber data and provide a password to do it through the interface.

Your campaign or store name cannot change from what it was previously. So, for example, if you were using a different vendor and texting a recipient list from Jim's Pizza, you cannot change the campaign or store name to Bill's Burgers. You must also maintain the same message frequency.

Notice to Subscribers will bind your subscribers to a short code or long code to communicate with your store on. Howevever, it's likely that not all of your subscribers will be binded to the same short code. So it is not necessary to tell them what short code they will be receiving messages from.

We do advise notifying them of how to opt-out again one time.