One Link App Distribution

Mobile App distribution via SMS comes with a small challenge in that in the perfect world, you'll want the link to go directly to the device type app store. Since does not do device recognition, that means without any additional tools you would be required to send multiple links. One for iOS, one for Google Play and possibly one for Windows. That's just cray cray!

There are tools out there that can help you create one link to all your services. These services do the hard work for you by recognizing the access device and then sending the user to the correct location to download the app.

At scale and for mission critical distributions, we'd recommend Bitly's deep link product. As of press time, this is a paid service. You can learn more about that on their blog below:

There are also two three services that has had success with. Those are as follows:

With reference to the above, keep in mind does not endorse the free services. We have never seen them tested at scale. Sometimes in the end, you get what you pay for. But we've seen good success rates with the free services for campaigns with 10k or less responses.

For developers doing music distribution, is a free service built for device and country recognition for proper music store routing. Additionally, has seen the below service tested at scale.