Keywords with Spaces-Wildcarding

Keywords with Spaces also supports registering keywords with their natural spaces, which we highly recommend if you intend to market this keyword type. Many campaigns involve natural two word keywords (Like GOBUCKEYES), which comes with subscriber loss and frustration risks due to auto-correct. To account for the example above, you can register both GOBUCKEYES and GO BUCKEYES as your keywords.

To state the obvious, yes, that means you're paying for two keywords instead of one. And true, we like money. But that amount of money is minimal compared to the cost of one radio spot. This gives your creative team the difficult task of how to market the keyword. But you have insurance against whichever way they choose.

Wildcarding Keywords also supports wildcard keywords. For example, let's say you register keyword CLOUD to one of the marketing short codes, 444999. Any message received to 444999 with the keyword CLOUD will be posted to your store. But so will the rest of the body of the long as there is a space after the initial keyword! So......if a subscriber sends you CLOUD WIRE or CLOUD IS GREY, the SMS API will post both messages to the store you registered keyword CLOUD with.

Wild card keywords are best used for asking subscribers to text a keyword and then a space followed by either an email address or a coupon code.

There is no charge for wild carding! So in the above example, only CLOUD is a billable keyword. Additionally, wild carding works for both opt-in and responder keyword types.