Developer Notes

For our legacy CRM Text Clients, we want to layout a summary of the updated features that will be enjoyed with

No Update Required

It's important to note that when the migration completes on July 15th, it is not necessary for you to update and build to the new API. will support the legacy endpoints and XML response bodies for as long as you need.

Please make sure to test your code with the test endpoint. You will authenticate the same way as you do with CRM Text. All endpoints and parameters will not change. But we need to ensure that all of you can connect to the API sitting on the updated infrastructure. We have already migrated some data. So please feel free to check subscriber status and make sure that you can send messages.

We recommend testing all endpoints that you make use of. Test receiving messages to your webhooks as well. Keep in mind that live data will be inside of the database. So it's recommended you test with internal employee mobile numbers.

If you have any issues, contact us immediately. You may do so at

ID Convention Changes will be using new ID conventions for everything. Legacy CRM Text store IDs will be maintained in all legacy accounts. But an updated store ID will be assigned to every single store and will act as the primary record locator when telling which store you wish to administrate.

Blending the Products

You may consider, and are welcome to blend CRM Text and For example, we will be utilizing a different ID number convention. Once the migration is complete, you will recieve what is technically a transaction ID for the message ID when sending a message.

You are free to go out and fetch the delivery status using that message ID we return in the legacy CRM Text XML Body.

How much or little you blend is up to you.

Legacy Inbound Message Payload

Each legacy account is flagged as legacy=true. That means by default, will send the legacy inbound message payload.

We have updated an existing issue where last known opt-in status was reported versus the current status. If this becomes an issue for anyone, please let me know.

The inbound message payload from is much more in depth and detailed. If you wish to use it for your account simply contact us and we will set your account to receive the updated payload.

The data included in the updated inbound message post is:

Parameter Sample Value Description
accountId 9923fefdb6d16a105c4708ad9b Your account ID number.
accountName Jim's Pizzeria Parlors Your account ID number.
commChannel +24411 If Applicable. The short/long code the subscriber is binded to the store with for 2-way guaranteed messaging. This field will only be populated when the subscriber is opted-in.
created 03-22-2016 12:31:43 If Applicable: The date and time that the subscriber was opted-in to the store. DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S Format. All times are GMT.
from +19993338888 The mobile phone number of the subscriber that sent the message.
fromCountry US If Applicable: The mobile subscriber's country. NOTE: This does not reflect their current location.
fromState CA If Applicable: The mobile subscriber's registered State. NOTE: This does not reflect their current location.
fromCity Brisbane If Applicable: The mobile subscriber's Registered City. NOTE: This does not reflect their current location.
fromZip 94321 If Applicable: The mobile subscriber's Registered Zip Code. NOTE: This does not reflect their current location.
keyword PIZZA If Applicable: The keyword the subscriber is sending.
keywordId 432983498234a9823dd928398239823ad32c If Applicable: The ID of the keyword the subscriber sent in.
keywordType responder If Applicable: The keyword type of the inbound keyword. Either Responder or Opt-In.
mediaUrl https:\/\/\/2010-04-01\/Accounts\/ACff9c If Applicable. The media URL of the media the subscriber sent to the store.
messageBody Pizza 123 If Applicable. The inbound message body from the subscriber.
messageCharcount 9 If Applicable: The character count of the message. Blank if only an MMS is sent.
messageId MM3923lke232323993988409349283981c239m The uniqe message ID of the message.
numMedia 1 If Applicable. The number of media URLs.
numSegments 1 If Applicable. The number of 160 character segments of the message. Blank if only an MMS is sent.
optInAttempts 1 The number of times double opt-in has been attempted before the subscriber replied Yes to an opt-in request.
received 11/30/2016 04:50:15 The date and time the message was received. DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S Format. All times are GMT.
score 0.78249 The message sentiment score on a scale of -1-1 provided by IBM Watson. +1 being the most positive.
shortCode +345345 If Applicable. When a keyword is utilized on the marketing short codes, the short code to which the keyword ID is assigned will be populated.
storeID ca3121d16a10e24608ad9a The store ID of the store the message is belongs to.
storeName Jim's Pizza The name of the store the message is belongs to.
subscriberStatus opted-In The subscriber's opt-in status, (Exp: opted-in, opted-out, pending or blank if there is no status)
type Positive The overall sentiment of the inbound message from the subscriber provided by IBM Watson. Either positive, neutral or negative.