Branded MMS Opt-In

MMS opt-in is a branded way to invite subscribers to opt-in or confirm an opt-in to your store. In order to enable it, you will need an unplublished method to the API and it will require a little more compliance management from the developer. Email us a little bit more about your SMS program and we can furnish you with the ability to send opt-in requests and confirmations with MMS.

The idea was provided us by Close the Gap who inquired about a branded method their hotel and hospitality clients could use to opt-in guests right before their stay.


As previously mentioned, the developer does have to manage the compliance side of things. We can walk you through that.

It should be also noted that MMS is only supported on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Together though, they combine for nearly 97% of the US mobile subscriber market. recommends that you only use MMS opt-in when targeting a higher income demographic. The reason for this is that will deliver the MMS as a URL on unsupported MMS carriers.