2-Way Messaging Explained

Making use of this graphic again can help explain guaranteed 2-Way messaging.

cloudwi.re guarantees 2-way SMS/MMS between opted-in subscribers and the store. There are no timing algorithms or sequences like our competitors utilize with only one short code. We achieve this by binding the opted-in subscriber to a short or long code to communicate with the store for the life of the opt-in. For more information on this concept click here.

The easiest way to understand this is to think of sending texts to your friends or significant other. All of them have unique phone numbers, right? Well, cloudwi.re kind of does the same thing. If you look at the graphic above, you'll see that 415-555-1212 has a unique bind on 24411 with Store C and a unique bind on 38766 with Store B.

We assign a unique short or long code for each subscriber to communicate with the store they are opted-in to for the life of the opt-in. The short code acts more like a piece of middleware. But it's basically the same idea! That assignment, or bind, remains in place for the life of the opt-in. So, for example, if you opt-in to Jim's Pizza and you get a text from 24411 with your opt-in confirmation, you will always communicate with Jim's Pizza on 24411 while you are opted-in. But if you turn around and opt-in to Mercari, you'll be assigned a new short or long code to communicate with them.

What this does is allow cloudwi.re to determine, with 100% accuracy, that any message after an opt-in event is routed to the correct store. So, if you text "I want a Pizza" to 24411, cloudwi.re knows that you are binded to Jim's Pizza on 24411 and we will pass the message on to the correct store. That happens even if the subscriber moved away for 4 years (while remaining opted-in) and then returned wanting your pizza.